The Teenage Camp, within a Camp, exclusively for Bochrim coming out of 8th Grade

Elyon – Five small letters representing a whole new concept in camping. Five small letters that are exploding with fun and excitement. Five small letters that create a world of growth and an environment of inspiration. That is the Elyon Division – Our teenage camp within a camp. We invite you to share the joy, experience the warmth, and create memories and friendships that last forever!

Elyon is our unique camp designed for bochrim finishing eighth grade. Our teenage campers are looking for a summer that is different than all the years they previously spent in camp, while still having the familiarity of the camp they’ve always loved. An Elyon summer is filled with activities and events that maximize the fun and adventure while fostering an atmosphere of independence and growth. Come join “Elyon to the Max.”

Exhilarating trips are an integral part of the Elyon experience. Anticipation mounts as the buses pull in around the Romimu circle. What is the newest destination? Is it tubing on the Delaware River or will Elyonites be donning racing gear and helmets to speed race around a race track? Will they be ice skating, horseback riding or playing laser tag? These are just some of the awesome trips that our Elyon division embarks on weekly. This is in addition to the many intercamp games that the Elyon division plays in other camps, as well as hosting camps for intercamp games on our amazing courts and fields.

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  • Exciting Romimu East Wildemess Program
  • Weekly Grand Trips
  • Lots of Intercamp Games
  • Exciting Romimu East 1. 2 and 3 night overnight camping trips to the Catskills and Adirondacks
  • Night Leagues
  • Separate Air Conditioned Dining Room
  • Separate Air Conditioned Bais Medrash
  • Special Masmidim Option
  • Special Guest Speakers
  • Choose Your Own Workshop
  • Night Canteen
  • Later Curfews
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