Programs Descriptions
Frequently Asked Questions

Rom V'Nisah - RVN (boys coming out of 9th and 10th grade):
We are pleased to announce that RVN will be fully operational this summer. They will come and sleep in camp and they will have the same amazing program for which RVN is famous. We have retained an attorney to assure that we comply with all local laws.
Overnight Express (a lot overnight camp in a little bit of time): (boys coming out of 3 - 8th grades): For boys who do not have homes or bungalows upstate:
We will be running camp Monday - Thursday. They will load the buses Monday, stay in camp, and fully enjoy their overnight experience. They will go home on Thursday after dinner. Buses will leave from Brooklyn, Five Towns and Monsey. Boys who have a summer residence upstate can also attend, but they will be limited to Monday - Thursday.

Day Camp Extreme: (boys coming out of 3rd - 8th grades):  For boys who have homes or bungalows upstate:
They can join our "overnight experience by day" program (hundreds already registered). The program will run six days a week from 10:00 AM - 9:00 PM. For more info, click here.
Marom Day Camp: (boys coming out of Pre-1A through 2nd grades):
We will have our amazing day camp program that runs Monday - Thursday 10:00 AM - 4:15 PM and Friday 10:00 AM - 2:30 PM.
For details and pricing, please click here.



What do I need to do? All registrations submitted prior to June 15th have been put on hold. You need to resubmit your application.
Does my son need any Covid-19 testing?
Yes, all staff and campers in every program (day and overnight) must be tested. Please see the testing protocols here.

Can my son attend Overnight Express from a summer residence?
Yes. He can attend Overnight Express. He will arrive in camp Monday and leave Thursday evening.

What if I want to change from our Day Camp Extreme to Overnight Express?
Please email [email protected]
My son is in 9th or 10th grades and I already signed up for Day Camp Extreme. What should I do?
We will automatically convert the registration to RVN overnight registration.
Can my son attend Overnight Express and also Day Camp Extreme on Friday and Sunday?
No, that is not legally permitted.
I thought there was legal action to get overnight camp completely approved. What if that happens?
If the governor's decision is overturned, we will revert to regular overnight camp as soon as reasonably possible. All programs except for Marom Day Camp will become the regular overnight program at the original fees.
What if I am not interested and want a refund?
We are sending out refunds (including the entire deposit) IYH the first week in July. We will not be deducting the credit card processing fees that we incurred.