For boys currently in 9th and 10th grade


Rom V' Nisah Masmidim Program

  • Separate Exclusive Program for 9th & 10th Grades

  • Separate Shul

  • Special Two Day Trips

  • Many Day Trips

  • Tons of Intercamp Sports

  • Extreme Basketball Tournament

  • Extreme Flag Football Tournament

  • Flag Football Combine

  • Late Curfews

  • Special Guest Sports Clinics

  • Water Tubing and Water Skiing on Our Lake

  • Dynamic Supervisors

  • Top Notch Mesivta Rabbeim

  • Masmidim Option Available

  • Dynamic Guest Speakers

  • Friday Night Tisch

  • Erev Shabbos Trips to Town

  • Lifeguard/Specialty Job Option


The Camp That Cares

Friendships, Fun, Learning with the Special Romimu Ruach

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