Romimu Ruchniyus

What is camp all about? Is it simply fun and games? Is it just about kids running around having a catch and enjoying a summer off from yeshiva? Is it just a place to send our children during the summer to keep them busy?

At Camp Romimu our campers have an amazing time. They enjoy all our sports and special activities, but they also have much, much more. Our focus on learning, davening, middos and acting as true Bnei Torah is paramount. We are proud to be the pace-setter in ruchniyos in Torah camping. Here is a peek at some of Romimu's innovative programs:

Romimu Kollel Joins Romimu’s Superb Learning Program

Camp Romimu is famous throughout the Catskills for having the best learning program. Our experienced, energetic, professional rabbeim give over their geshmake in learning and ensure that the summer is one of growth in Torah. Camp Romimu is proud of the myriad of programs related to the enhancement of learning in camp. Our Shabbos Hasmodo Program, cocoa club program, the Shtark Exchange and the weekly Talmid Hashavua all serve to enhance the learning in camp. We are very proud of our shiurim, taught by superb, experienced mechanchim who devote so much time and effort to our campers.

Under the innovative direction of our esteemed Learning Director, Rabbi Shlomo Dovid Pfeiffer, and Assistant Learning, Director, Rabbi Avi Schwartz, Camp Romimu’s learning program resounds with the geshmake of Torah. Chinese auctions, Shtark Exchange, learning postcards, MVP Middos Program, Shabbos Hasmadah all combine to create the special Torah Ruach of Camp Romimu. We, B'H, have the zechus to enjoy the Kol Torah of our Romimu Kollel. The Kollel consists of Rabbeim and Mechanchim who spend their afternoons learning in Camp Romimu’s beautiful Beis Medrash. They are also available to learn with our bochrim in a chavrusah setting. To quote many of the Kollel members, “the Kollel sedorim are tremendously geshmake and uplifting.”

Gimmel Joins Elyon in a Seperate Bais Medrash

Our two beautiful shuls are beautiful. Majestic high vault ceilings, magnificent aron kodesh, large windows, air conditioning and tables and chairs all combine to make the shuls a truly special place to connect with HaKadosh Boruch Hu.

We are very excited that Senior Gimmel will now be joining the Elyon Division in their own beautiful shul. The tefilah is geared for boys who are already bar mitzvah.

We are very proud of both shuls and it is our wish that much beautiful davening and learning take place in these new Batei Medrash.

Staff Night Kollel

Boruch Hashem, Camp Romimu attracts staff members who are serious Bnei Torah. They come from the finest yeshivos both here in America and from Eretz Yisroel. Our staff consists of carefully selected Bnei Torah who understand that the summer is a time of growth, when they can form a kesher with campers and develop a sense of achrayus for others. Our staff members are serious about their learning. Several years ago, our staff expressed an interest in having additional learning to their twice a day shiurim from outstanding mechanchirn. That was the seed of Romimu’s unique staff Kollel. It is truly a Kiddush Hashem to see staff members, at the end of a long day, going to the Bais Medrash to close their days with the sweet words of Torah.

Air Conditioned Learning Center a Smashing Success!

Camp Romimu’s ruach of Torah is certainly enhanced with the inauguration of our new learning center. The Kol Torah resounds from the brand new, comfortable, sound-proof rooms that were designed for our learning groups. Best of all, the air conditioning in these rooms keep the campers cool while they are shteiging with ameilus in Torah.

Amen Yehei Shmei Rabbah

When guests come to Camp Romimu and daven with us, they always remark on how beautiful the camp davening is. Boruch Hashem, boys daven with kavanah and kol rom. Indeed, campers and staff invest much effort into their davening, and we are very proud of their accomplishments. Our Amen Yehei Shmei Rabbah Program is B'H a big success. Campers are given a background on the importance and power of those few words. Beautiful Siddurim and prizes are given out to campers who put a special emphasis on Amen Yehei Shmei Rabbah.

Shabbos Hasmodo Program

Our highly acclaimed Shabbos Hasmodo Program continues to be a tremendous source of pride to campers and staff alike. There is no other learning program like it! Every Shabbos afternoon, hundreds of campers join the optional learning program and are koveia itim L’Torah in a beautiful display of Kiddush Shem Shamayim. The Hasmodo Program is in addition to the regular Shabbos learning. “It is the jewel of the camp,”exclaims Rabbi Pfeiffer. “To see hundreds of boys participate in extra learning every Shabbos afternoon is an unbelievable site. It is our hope that the geshmake that they enjoy in their learning over the summer is something that they will cherish and carry with them throughout their lives.”

MVP Middos Program

Romimu campers have always had a reputation for having excellent middos on the ball fields and in the bunks. This all helps to create the warm feeling of achdus in the bunks for which Camp Romimu is famous. Camp Romimu started a new and innovative middos program called MVP (Middos Vichtig Program). Each week during Shabbos afternoon learning groups, our learning director introduces the new middah of the week. Nosei b'ol im chaveroh, dan lekaf zechus and hakoras hatov are some of the middos that are focused on. Bunks are challenged to come up with a compelling story about each of these topics. These stories are presented at the end of each week. Boruch Hashem, the MVP makes a strong impression on everyone in the camp and we have reached new heights in Derech Eretz.