Samach Beis

For Boys with Special Needs

We are pleased to continue our Samech Beis bunk for our campers with special needs. Bunk Samech Beis has been an exciting part of Camp Romimu for many years. We are looking forward to a wonderful summer! The boys have their own bunkhouse, have their daily activities supervised by responsible counselors and they are integrated into regular camp activities throughout the day. Samech Beis campers benefit from the ruach and fun and truly become part of the Camp Romimu spirit.

Samach Beis campers enjoy an exciting day of sports, special activities, arts and crafts, swimming, trips and special events. They enjoy the concerts, carnivals, performers and trips along with the rest of Camp Romimu. The interactions between our Samach Beis campers and the rest of the camp is mutually beneficial. Samach Beis campers grow and develop in their social and communication skills, while the boys in other bunks gain an appreciation of being able to interact, play and communicate with boys with special needs.


  • Huge array of sports facilities
  • Integrated with the famous Romimu program
  • High counselor/camper ratio
  • Experienced counselors
  • Exciting, plays, concerts, carnival
  • Amazing trips
  • Cost: $6,645/month
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