Zoom and Shmooze With Rabbi Pfeiffer

Camp Romimu’s motto is “the camp that cares.” We put a strong emphasis in getting to know each of the boys well. Our goal is to make them feel like an integral part of the Romimu family. Here are some of things that we do:

-  Dialogues with parents before camp to get a feel for each camper's needs.
-  Calls from counselors to each family several days before camp begins.
-  Bunk meeting with me during the summer.
-  Bunk meetings with the division heads during the summer.
-  Constant dialogues with the campers.
-  Camper written surveys during the summer.
-  Constant feedback from the counselors as well as detailed written reports from the counselors during the summer.

We have a quick 'getting to know you' Zoom meeting with boys who are new to camp. The goal is put a face and personality behind the name so that the boys will feel comfortable speaking with me during the summer. It will also be helpful when making up the bunks.

The meetings will be short and sweet - a quick schmooze. We are requesting that at least one parent join the schmooze.

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Looking forward!

Rabbi Shlomo Pfeiffer

To log into Zoom go to romimu.com/zoom (no password required)

If there are no available appointments, please let us know by clicking here.