Visiting Days

Please make sure to read this important information.


Trip 1: July 14th 
Trip 2: August 11th

Opening Times

We look forward to greeting you personally on our two visiting days. Visiting day is 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM. Please be aware that campers have learning groups until 11:00 AM. No campers will be permitted to leave before 11:00. If you are leaving camp with your son, please be sure to sign him out in the office and please have him back by 6:00 PM. Shortly after 6:00 PM parents will not be permitted to walk into camp from the parking lot (even if the campers have packages), so please bring campers back on time.

Camp Romimu is pleased to announce that we will once again be opening the entire campus to parents and siblings. Why “shlep” around the Catskills when you can enjoy our beautiful facilities all in one place?  Our boats, new go-karts track, Aqua Park, basketball courts, biking and tennis courts will be made available for your enjoyment (Please note: because of tznius, activities are limited to boys and their fathers). We invite you to share with us a spectacular buffet lunch by our very own master chef.

Please remember that we are a nut- free camp. Any snacks brought into camp should be nut- free. We have boys who are highly allergic, even to the smell of nuts.

Please walk around and see our beautiful campus. Our campers are so happy to share their adventures with you. We are looking forward to seeing you.


150 Roosevelt Road
Monticello, NY 12701
Interstate 87N to Exit 16 (Harriman Exit). Take Route 17W (Quickway) to Exit 104. On the exit ramp bear left (follow sign towards Monticello). At the first traffic light make a left turn (Jefferson Street). Follow Jefferson for appx. ¾ of a mile until the traffic light at the end. Make a right turn on to Broadway. Stay on Broadway for appx. 500 feet. Turn left at the flashing yellow light onto Route 42S. Travel 2.5 miles. Turn right on Rubin Road. Take the first left turn onto Roosevelt Road which leads into camp

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Suggested Tips

Our staff consists of a very dedicated group of people who spend much time and energy to ensure the happiness of your son(s). Below are suggested tips:

• Counselor (who has a JC)
$50 per trip

• Counselor (with no JC)
$60 per trip

• Jr. Counselor (where applicable)
$40 per trip

•Day Camp Counselor
$40 per trip

•Samach Beis Counselor
$125 per trip

• Learning Rebbi
$50 per trip

• Masmid Rebbi (Rabbi Skulnick & Rabbi Nierenberg)
$60 per trip

•Day Camp Learning Rebbi
$40 per trip

•Camp Mother (for those with special diets)
$50 per trip

Please leave all tips for Learning Rabbeim with the office or with the Learning Directors. If you cannot meet with your son’s counselors, please leave the tips with the office and we will be glad to distribute them for you. Please do not leave tips with the campers.

Learning Rabbeim will be available to speak with you until 1:30 PM.