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[email protected] With Rabbi Pfeiffer
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    • Tattoos are against halacha. What about micro-pigmentation (permanent makeup)?

    • What is wrong with Norelco Lift-and-Cut shavers?

    •  My chess piece has a cross on it, is that okay?

    • Can I use an Egyptian figurine from museum shop that resemble Egyptian gods at the seder?

    • Is replicating a seven-branched menorah permitted?

    •  Is there a halachic issue with paintball?

    • Can I cut my hair very, very short (#1 trimmer shield)?

    • Can a man wear women’s clothing for as a Purim costume?

    • What is Chodosh grain?

    • Do I Need to Be Concerned about Orlah When Apple Picking?

    • Do I Need to Be Concerned about Chodosh When Drinking Beer?

    •  No one eats crab apples. Do I have to worry about cutting down a crab apple tree?

    • We moved a tree, does orloh (three years) restart?

    • When is it a mitzvah to cut down a fruit tree?

    • Can I walk two dogs of different species on one leash?

    • Can a garment contain wool and linen and not be shatnez?

    • May I sell clothes without first checking to see if they are shatnez?

    • Thoughts on the life of Rav Dovid Feinstein ztl

    • Special History of Halacha - Maharam M’Rottenberg, Rosh, Tur, Shulchan Aruch, Rama, Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, Mishna Berura

    • Does my couch need to be checked for Shatnez?

    • What about my carpet?

    • What about if I rent a tux?

    • Special guest, Reb Tzemach Glenn, who will demonstrate how shatnez testing is done and give some shatnez insights.

    •  May I ride a horse without checking first whether it is firstborn?

    • When is it a mitzvah to sell your animal to a goy?

    • Peter Chamor: Why is the donkey the only non-kosher animal to have kedusha?

    •  Does the Yissachar/Zevulun contract really work? Hear what Rav Dovid Feinstein, ztl says.

    • How can I get a mitzvah of lending money to someone who is wealthy?

    • Bankruptcy in halacha – does it work?

    • Dina D’Malchusah Dina: Can I travel 5 mph over the speed limit?

    • If bishul is ossur, why is the halacha ein bishul achar bishul?

    • If I put something on the flame by accident on Shabbos should I take it off?

    • Is it ribbis if I lend money to a Jewish owned corporation?

    • Exactly how does a heter iska work?

    • Shmitah is next year – 5782. Why don’t we have Yovel?

    • Shmitas Kesafim: If I lend money, the loan is erased at the end of shmitah. What if a I lend my neighbor a bottle of milk, is the loan erased?

    • Why do we start saying V’sen Tal Umotor on December 5th? There doesn’t seem to be any other halacha that is based on the secular calendar?

    • Can I sue a yid in small claims court if I know they would judge the case the same as a Bais Din?

    • If I know that I really owe someone a certain amount of money. Can I dispute the loan amount in order to make a compromise in Bais Din and therefore I can pay him less than I owe him?

    •  Wayne Gretsky and Chanukah

    • We say in Al Ha’Nisim that the Yevonim tried to get us to FORGET the Torah (L’Hashkichom Torahsecho). Yet we know that the Yevonim actually translated the Torah!

    • Is there a significance about Chanukah falling out during the specific time of the year that it falls out after Succos?

    • If you are in Bais Din and the person you are litigating against is about to swear falsely to win his case in Bais Din. What should you do?

    • Does Bais Din allow any shevous (swearing) nowadays

    • Am I allowed to buy something that “fell off the truck?”

    • If someone is a known thief, can a yeshiva accept a donation from him?

    • Surveillance cameras in halacha.

    • Can I use my friend’s shtender in shul without asking him?

    • My backyard is being flooded. Can I divert the water if the diverted water will damage someone else’s backyard?

    • A yid is stuck on the side of a highway, am I halachically required to stop and try to help?

    • What if the car is an old jalopy that should not have gone on the highway, am I halachically required to stop and help?

    • What if I helped and then the jalopy broke down a second, third and fourth time, am I still halachically required to keep on helping?

    • Is there a Jewish way to kill pests?

    • If farm work is performed more efficiently by a castrated animal is it mutar to castrate the animal?

    • Is there a problem eating veal because of the way the animal is treated?

    • Is there l’fnei ever for a goy?

    • Is it permitted to buy stock shares in a public company whose board members are non-Jews who operate the company on Shabbos and Yom Tov?

    • Can a contractor work on your house on Shabbos if he is paid by the job?

    •  If a Yated arrives via US mail to your house on Shabbos are you allowed to read it?

    • If you go to a building that has a guard and you know that he will buzz you in, is that permitted on Shabbos?

    • We are not allowed to get paid for work on Shabbos (sichiris). So how is it that the chazan and the rabbi can be paid for their Shabbat duties?

    • Are we allowed to earn interest for money that is in the bank on Shabbos, isn’t that sichiras??

    • On Shabbos, my brother offered to pay me $30 if I won him in a game. I played him and won. Now, my brother says he does not have to pay because we weren’t supposed to make bets on Shabbos. Does my brother have to honor the bet?

    • Am I allowed to live on a houseboat over Shabbos? If the boat is on automatic pilot, is there a Techum Shabbos issue?

    • Can I go on a free electric train on Shabbos that makes automatic stops?

    • Nekomo (revenge) – Evil or G-dly?

    • Why is it the woman's role to light the Shabbos candles?

    • When a man lights Shabbos candles, when is the brocho made? Does he need to cover his eyes like a woman? If a man lights Shabbos candles, can he then drive to shul or do others melochos, and accept Shabbos later?

    • If I eat by someone else but sleep at my house, where do I light neiros shabbos?

    • Does a yeshiva bochur light Shabbos candles?

    • I forgot to tovel a new glass before Shabbos. Can I tovel it on Shabbos?

    • Can I inject gas into water on Shabbos to make seltzer?

    • Can I put a pendent on a necklace on Shabbos?

    • I cut my finger. Am I permitted to put my finger in my mouth or is there a problem of eating blood?

    • Can a blind lady light Shabbos candles?

    • If she forgets to light one week, does she need to add candles on subsequent weeks?

    • What if she forgot to light candles on Yom Tov, does she need to add candles?

    • There were so many miracles related to Yetzias Mitzrayim. Why is Pesach referred to in the Torah as Chag HaMatzos? Why is it the Matzoh so important?

    • Why do we sing Chad Gadya and Echod Mi Y’odei’a at the end of the Hagadah? Why would we think that we should start talking about Ytizas Mitzarayim from Rosh Chodesh?

    • Rav Shimon Schwab’s dream

    • Why do we have the second days of Pesach? Why couldn’t the first days commemorate both Yitziyas Mitzrayim and Krias Yam Suf?

    • In Shabbos Shmonei Esrei we say VOH on Friday night, VO at Shachris and BOM by mincha. Why?

    • When invited out for a Shabbos meal or hosting guests, is it preferable for the head of each family to recite their own Kiddush or should one person recite Kiddush on behalf of everyone present?

    • Where does the Torah tell us to daven later on Shabbos than during the rest of the week?

    • Is there a Jewish way to kill pests?

    • If farm work is performed more efficiently by a castrated animal is it mutar to castrate the animal?

    • We are finishing Hilchos Netilas Yodayim – special video!

    • Do we make a bracha on ices for dessert?

    • What about cake, do we make a bracha on cake for dessert?

    • Why do we cover our eyes with our hand when we say Krias Shema? Wouldn’t it be enough to just close our eyes?

    • If it is Shabbos afternoon and you have not davened Musaf yet, is it better to daven Mincha first because T’odeeer v’sheeno t’odeer t’odeer kodem.

    • Why “Hamotzi Lechem” instead of “Hamotzi Chitah”?

    • On Shabbos we do not mourn. If so, why do we say tzidkascho v’tzedek (accepting the din) which is said in a cemetery?

    • During Shabbos Shemoneh Esreh, if you started saying the weekday brocho of Atah chonein la’adam daas, do you stop in middle of the brocho or do you complete the brocho?

    • Lifnei Iver Questions:
      ⦁ Online store running on Shabbos
      ⦁ Vending machine on Shabbos
      ⦁ Laundry machine on Shabbos
      ⦁ Is there lifnei iver by a non Jew (ever minhachai)
      ⦁ Selling a plow during shmitah

    • Lifnei Iver Questions:
      ⦁ Walking across a street on Shabbos and causing a non frum yid to stop his car
      ⦁ Calling a non frum yid in Eretz Yisroel on Shabbos

    • Lifnei Iver Questions:
      ⦁ Installing a motion sensor light in front of your house
      ⦁ Non frum taxi driver dropping you off right before Shabbos

    • Getting ready for Kabbolas HaTorah: If you had to pick the first posuk that you would you teach your child, which would it be? Torah tzivoh lonu Moshe or Shma Yisroel? Why?

    •  Kol Shofar 

    • If a kotton misses havdolo on a late Motzei Shabbos, do we say havdolo for him on Sunday morning?


    • You can listen to a host make a brocho of Hamotzei at the Shabbos table and he is Motzei you because of the halacha of Shomei’a Ke’Oneh. But what happens if the host talks between the brocho and eating the challah?

    • If you are in middle of shemonei esrei and the chazen is saying kedush should you stop and listen. Or will Shomei’a Ke’Oneh create a hefsek in your shemona esrei?

    • According to Rav Moshe Feinstein, On Friday night if someone is listening to kiddush and says Baruch Hu U’Varuch Shemo he has not fulfilled his obligation. Why?

    • Does flash pasteurization make wine mevushal?

    • May one remove food from the freezer on the first day of Yom Tov on for the second day of Yom Tov?

    • What is the connection between the Shofer and Matan Torah?

    • If I am in Eretz Yisroel on Yom Tov do I keep two days of Yom Tov or one day?

    • Is there a reason to drink most of the kiddush cup (Rov Kos) not on Pesach?

    • A peron can drink a m'lo lugmav (a cheek full) for kiddush. What if he is very small and his m'lo lugmav is less than half a reviis, is he yotzei kiddush?

    • The Bobver Rebbi was born on 1 Kislev yet he was Bar Mitzvah-ed on 30 Cheshvon. How is that possible?

    • Eating a burger sandwich with margarine: Why isn’t it maaris ayin?

    • Why do sefardim make a mezonos on matzoh? And if so, why do they make hamotzei on matzoh during Pesach?

    • What brocho do you make on breadsticks?

    • What brochado you make on doughnuts?

    • If you need to eat on Yom Kippur, do you make a brocho?

    • Do you make a brocho on non kosher food?

    • If you steal food, can you make a brocho?

    • What should I daven for on Rosh Hashanah?

    • Do you want to live or be alive?

    • The webcam in halacha.

    • Meet and Greet Rabbi Armo Kuessous

    • Do I make a bracha on food that is bitter?

    • Do I make a bracha on food that is burnt?

    • I am at a BBQ. Can I make a shehakol on a good piece of steak first and then hamotzi on a burger/bun?

    • What brocho do I make on the following and why:

      ⦁ Unroasted chestnuts or peanuts?
      ⦁ Raw onion or raw string beans?
      ⦁ Mashed potatoes?
      ⦁ Pringles
      ⦁ Hearts of Palm

    • I sample tasted hot chili and ate a little piece of bread to sooth the hot taste of the chili. Do I make a bracha on the bread?

    • Ice cones: Do I make a mezonos?

    • Applesauce on latkes: Do I make a separate bracha?

    • Do I make a bracha for rain in North America or only in Israel?

    • Do I need to see the rain or can I hear about it?

    • Do I make a shechiyanu if I have a new grandson?

    • If I make a mezonos with the intention to eat one cookie, and then want another cookie from the table, do I make another brocho? (Same food, originally available.)

    • If I make a mezonos with the intention to eat a cookie, and then want a piece of cake from the table, do I make another brocho? (Different food, same bracha, originally available.)

    • If I make a mezonos with the intention to eat cookies on the table, and then someone brings out some more, do I make another brocho? (Same food, originally unavailable.)

    • If I make a mezonos with the intention to eat cookies on the table, and then someone brings out cake, do I make another brocho? (Different food, same bracha, originally unavailable.)

    • If I wash and say hamotzi, eat the meal, and then I discover that there's desert, do I make another brocho? (Ikar/tafel, originally unavailable.)

    • We make a bracha on the wonderful smell of fruit (esrog). If we walk in and have a wonderful smell of cake or bread, why don’t we make a bracha?

    • Do we make a bracha on the smell of fresh roasted coffee or seasoning?

    • Is it halachically permitted to cheat the government?

    • Am I halachically permitted to drive 60 mph in a 55 mph zone?

    • Do you make a shehechiyanu if you haven't seen your parents in many months?

    • Do you make a shehechiyanu if you saw your parents via Zoom?

    • What if you became friends with someone over the phone or via emails only and never actually met him. Would you say shehechiyanu when you met him for the first time?

    •  Kings, Presidents, and the bracha upon seeing them.

    • Do you make a bracha when seeing the gadol hador?

    • If you ever experienced a miracle and were saved from imminent danger, then upon returning to that spot, do you recite the bracha She'asa Lee Nase.

    • How is it possible?
      ⦁ I am born in Kislev but my Bar Mitzvah is in Cheshvan.
      ⦁ I am born two weeks before my friend, yet his Bar Mitzvah is one week before mine.

    • Hasogas Gevul Questions:
      ⦁ I have been selling nosh in my classroom this whole year. Now another boy started selling as well. Is that right??

    • Hasogas Gevul Questions:
      ⦁ Can a Rov open a shul in a neighborhood if he knows that he will attract mispallelim from another shul?

    • Hasogas Gevul Questions:
      ⦁ There is a seforim store in a small neighborhood that can only support one store. Now a second store opens with cheaper prices. Is that okay?

    • Hasogas Gevul Questions:
      ⦁ There is a line on Black Friday at Best Buy. Can I go to the line and sell computers for cheaper than they do?

    • You ordered a babysitter, taxi driver or any other person to work for you, may you cancel the arrangement before the job begins, and what are the financial consequences if you do so?

    • Soroh and Yehuda decided which mohel they intended to use and asked someone for his number. However, when the mohel came to check the baby, Yehuda realized that this was not the mohel he had intended to use. Could he now use a different mohel?

    • We start saying V’Sein Tal U’Moter on December 5th. What is the significance of December 5th (it seems random)?

    • In Eretz Yisroel they start saying V’Sein Tal U’Moter on 7 Cheshvan. If I am visiting Eretz Yisrael between 7 Cheshvan and December 5th: Do I say it or not?

    • May a Jew:
      ⦁ Own a Non-Kosher Establishment?
      ⦁ Be a Waiter for a Non-Kosher Restaurant?
      ⦁ Be a Sales Representative for a Non-Kosher Company?
      ⦁ Own Stock in Non-Kosher Companies?

    • Is lab-grown pork kosher?

    • May one pay a caterer the full price in advance and ask for a discount in return?

    • May a borrower buy an aliyah to the Torah for the lender?

    • If one borrows a car with an almost empty gas tank, may one return it with a full tank? Depends, not if the refill is expected.

    • If one borrows a garment from a friend, may one have it dry-cleaned before returning it? Yes.

    • If one borrows a child's suit for a wedding, may one add a small toy when returning the outfit? 

    • May one make a purchase on a friend's credit card and pay the credit card company directly? 

    • May an author who borrowed money to publish his work print an acknowledgment to the lender? 

    • May one borrow money in one currency and repay it in another? 

    • I recently learned that even though the Torah prohibits paying or receiving interest, there is something called a heter iska that legalizes it. How can we legitimize something that the Torah expressly prohibits?

    • May a lawyer file a lawsuit in civil court on behalf of a Jewish client?

    • But I thought that Dina Di’malchusa Dina means that the civil law determines Halacha in business matters?



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