The most amazing teenage camp for 9th and 10th Graders

Just when you thought that camp could not get even better, along comes Camp Rom V' Nisah - the mesivta camp that everyone is raving about. Specifically designed for boys finishing ninth and tenth grades, Camp Rom V'Nisah offers the best of Camp Romimu coupled with the adventure of a traveling camp. Fun, excitement, friendships and loads of incredible memories are the hallmarks of a fabulous, wonderful, stupendous, astounding Rom V'Nisah summer.

Bochrim in Camp Rom V’Nisah enjoy a myriad of activities. Indoor skydiving, parasailing, skating, go karting, hiking, laser tag, challenge courses, sports adventures, intercamp games, wilderness trips, horseback riding are only some of the many, many trips enjoyed by Camp Rom V’Nisah. The highlights of the summer are the exciting, adventurous two day trips exclusively for Rom V’Nisah. Bochrim have the special opportunity to explore, to enjoy and to bond together in such exciting places, like New Hampshire and Lake George. These trips are not only exciting, but also give the bochrim the opportunity to challenge themselves and to experience new adventures.

Rom V'Nisah is Camp Romimu's bridge between the status of being a camper and the privilege of being a staff member. As such, Rom V'Nisah bochrim enjoy the privileges of being a staff member - staff curfews, weekly Walmart trips and more. Rom V’ Nisah bochrim enjoy having their own beis medrash, minyanim and meal schedules. Burt most of all, they enjoy the camaraderie and joy of spending a Rom V’Nisah summer together.

Special Masmidim Option

Rom V’Nisah bochrim have the option of joining our Rom V’Nisah Masmidim Program. The Masmidim Program is geared for bochrim who are interested in having a more intensive learning program during the summer. Bochrim will be part of the Rom V’Nisah Program, but have a longer seder in the morning and afternoon. They will enjoy learning with a top notch Mesivta Mechanech. The learning will take place in a beautiful, fully renovated, air-conditioned shiur room. The boys will be learning from after breakfast until the first morning activity begins. In the afternoon, the bochrim will join the rest of the Rom V’Nisah Program and participate in the programs, leagues, trips and workshops that are unique to Rom V’Nisah. The Masmidim’s afternoon learning group will take place during rest period. In the evening, the bochrim will participate in the Rom V’Nisah night leagues and night activities and after Maariv they will participate in the Rom V’Nisah night seder. The bochrim who are in the Masmidim Program will not be a separate bunk, but will be integrated into bunks with their camp friends.

Masmidim Program Info


  • Separate Exclusive Program for Bochrim Finishing 9th and 10th Grades
  • Separate Shul
  • Special Two Day Trip in August
  • Many, many Daily Trips
  • Tons of lntercamp Sports
  • Extreme Basketball Tournaments
  • Flag Football Combine
  • Thursday Night Rollerblade Hockey League
  • Staff Curfews
  • Thursday Night Staff Bus
  • Buses to Intercamp Staff Games
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Masmidim Program Info