Adirim Program Welcomes Rabbi Avi Slansky!

Camp Romimu is excited to welcome the dynamic Rabbi Avi Slansky as the rebbi of our new ground-breaking 11th grade Adirim Program. Rabbi Slansky is quickly gaining fame as a well known mechanech, mechabir seforim and sought-after speaker.

  • Rebbi in Mercaz HaTorah
  • Gives a weekly shiur in The Mir, Aderes Hatorah and Derech Hachaim
  • Mechabir of three seforim: Wine, Whisky & Halachah, Laws of Yichud and Laws of Challah & Hadlakas Neiros
  • Gives a daily Daf Yomi shiur, with hundreds of listeners throughout the world
  • Gives a weekly Shabbos Halachah shiur in Maalot Dafna
  • Has over 1,000 shiurim on TorahAnytime

Rabbi Slansky was in Camp Romimu as a camper and staff member for many years. He has designed a geshmake learning program for the Adirim Bais Medrash. The morning seder will be a combination of a limud in halacha, learning B’Chavurasah and an in-depth shiur in gemara. During night seder, the bochrim will have opportunity to chazer the shiur with their chavrusahs. B’ezer Hashem, the bochrim will be misayim a mesechta during the summer.

2 Comments on “Adirim Program Welcomes Rabbi Avi Slansky!”

    1. For Rabbi Avi Slansky:
      Growing up in Elizabeth, New Jersey , I recall a sweet elderly woman living in my parents building near to Cong. Bais Yitzchok. Her name was Mrs Slansky.
      Was this your Bubby or Alter Bubby?
      Kul tuv,
      Jeffrey M Strashun
      Hillside, New Jersey

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