Connections Made

The boys went home from camp just over a week ago. I went back to camp yesterday from Far Rockaway and was walking around. What a difference in one week!

Last week, the camp was humming with life. Boys were saying warm goodbyes to their rabbeim who they so connected with over the summer. Boys were playing in league championship games. Boys were humming the tunes of their emotional alma maters. Boys were discussing the highlights of the grand trip. Boys were enjoying a BBQ in celebration of making a siyum on a mesechtas Megilah.

But as I walked around yesterday, there were different sounds. No sounds of amen y’hai shmei rabbah emanating from the shul and no sound of boys laughing and talking together. These sounds were replaced by the sound of the maintenance crew tilling and seeding the football field, moving the kayaks into the boat shack, and storing the sports equipment away for the season.

This summer was our best ever. It was truly wonderful. “But rebbi, you always say this was the best summer” a camper exclaimed. I replied “Hashem has given us the Siyata D’shmaya that we keep on going higher and higher – better and better. Hakodesh Boruch Hu has given us the brocho that we live up to the name of our camp. Romimu. Always reaching and striving higher.”

So sit back and enjoy the final weekly video of the season. Enjoy seeing the camp in full swing. Enjoy seeing the emotions and the connections and relationships that were formed. They are real. They are lasting. They are meaningful.

Good Shabbos!

Rabbi Shlomo Pfeiffer

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