Corona Virus Update

Dear Parents,

I hope you and your family are doing well and staying healthy during these challenging times. Our relationship with our Romimu family is most important to us. We are concerned about each and every single camper and staff member and hope that everyone is healthy and doing well.

We are very optimistic that within the next several weeks everything will sort itself out. We are hopeful that before camp begins (in over three months), HaKodesh Boruch Hu will end this tremendous nisayon.

Camp is a beacon of light that campers and staff members anticipate all year long. The ruchniyos, growth, sense of responsibility, feeling of belonging to a greater whole and the friendships that are developed in camp are life changing and leave a deep and positive imprint.

This summer is particularly exciting. We have undertaken huge capital improvement projects – some of our biggest in our 32 year history (see We are particularly excited about the upcoming camp season and are fully planning a successful and memorable summer. We are sincerely looking forward to greeting all campers and staff personally.

The safety and health of campers and staff are always the highest priority at camp, and we have a long history of planning for and managing communicable diseases. Our staff will undergo meticulous training and follow all best practices protocols that are developed by our staff of health professionals.

Given the financial strain caused by the corona virus, we have decided not to charge any further payments until after Pesach. Even if you have a scheduled payment between now and Pesach, we will not charge the payment. If you specifically want the payment charged, please let us know.

If, chas v’sholom, we are not permitted to open camp, we will issue a full refund of all monies paid including the deposit and application fees. I do not feel comfortable keeping any payments if camp is, chas v’sholom, unable to open. You will be fully reimbursed.

Wishing you all the best and a Chag Kosher V’Someach. May you have a wonderful and meaningful Yom Tov filled with simcha!

Rabbi Shlomo Pfeiffer

5 Comments on “Corona Virus Update”

  1. Hope you and your family are doing well iyh!
    We are all still davening of course that things will get back to normal, sooner rather than later, Especially since the boys are looking forward to another amazing summer at Romimu as usual!
    Your sensitive and generous email is truly a reflection of your menschlichkeit and concern for the greater Romimu Family, and is yet another reminder why Tzvi is proud to call Romimu his second home (sometimes even 1st :)) !
    Best wishes for Besuros Tovos BKarov!!

  2. Dear Rabbi & Mrs. Pfeiffer-

    Wow! What a beautiful gesture!

    Thank you for demonstrating where the heart and soul of klal Yisroel truly ! lies during this tumultuous time.

    (Btw,on the flip side -We had a lengthy discussion with our sons about the importance of continuing to pay our tuitions and prioritizing various obligations to those who work on behalf of the mosdos even if schedules are interrupted- especially at Yom Tov time- so long as we are iyh able.)

    Hoping our extended Romimu family will all stay safe and that we will get to enjoy another healthy and happy summer together!!!!

  3. I just wanted to say I was not expecting you to write that nor did you have to do that. This is probably one of the nicest email I have ever received. During these crazy times and people worrying ,for you to do that and credit them back is mind blowing. May Hashem give you the strength to keep on helping Klal yisroel and to show these boys a great time. Really very impressive!! Bisuris tovos

  4. Dear Rabbi Pfeiffer,
    As I read your email, there are tears in my eyes. What a beautiful Kiddush Hashem! I am so impressed with your sensitivity to families who are now facing financial difficulties. We feel truly blessed that our son will IYH be spending the summer in your camp and learning these lessons from you.

  5. Hi Rabbi & Mrs. Pfeiffer, I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you yet as this is the first year my son is going to sleepaway camp iy”h. I just felt that I needed to respond to your email because I was really touched by it. I am blown away at the sensitivity and thoughtfulness of what you’re willing to do. The caring and emoi anochi betzara is beautiful and it’s this email that makes me proud to be a yid (sorry for sounding cliché, but it’s true).

    I hope nobody needs to actually take you up on your offer.

    Have a chag kasher v’semaech and thanks for the chizuk!

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