Romimu Pre-Camp Likras Shabbos Program a Smashing Success – This Week Learning is Doubled!

Exciting News! This week in honor of the Kabolas HaTorah of Shavuous we will be doubling the value of your learning. This in honor of Naase V’Nishmah that Klal Yisroel accepted on Shavuous! That means if you come this Friday afternoon and learn for 30 minutes, it will be considered as though you learned for TWO WEEKS. It will count for two weeks for all the prizes (Amazon Gift Cards, 2-liter soda for your bunk, steak BBQ with Rabbi Pfeiffer and raffles for drones and other special prizes).

So if you haven’t joined yet, this is the week to do it. If you have already joined, this is a week you do not want to miss!


Just a month ago Camp Romimu started an innovative program, Likras Shabbos. The Likras Shabbos Program was so successful during the summer, we decided to try it during the weeks leading up to camp. The idea is quite simple – start Shabbos the best way possible. Start it by coming to shul 30 minutes before Kabolas Shabbos and learn. Boys win all kinds of prizes by coming to shul and learning by themselves, with a chavrusah or with their fathers.

It has, Boruch Hashem, been a tremendous success! Hundreds and hundreds of hours of sweet Torah have been learned the last four weeks! The feedback has been incredible. Parents have commented that coming to shul early before Kabbolas Shabbos is a special high-quality learning and starts off their Shabbos in a very special and meaningful way.

For example a parent recently wrote: “It was absolutely amazing to walk into Shul this past week and seeing a whole group of boys from Camp Romimu in Shul early and learning this past week.”

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