Spotlight on Likras Shabbos

Yashir koach to all the Likras Shabbos participants. It is truly a wonderful zechus that you learn Erev Shabbos 30 minutes before mincha. Think about it: How many people are spending that time of the week learning? Thirty minutes before Shabbos is a hectic time in many homes. There are always last-minute preparations, setting the table, finishing showers, setting up the Shabbos licht. But the very special boys of Likras Shabbos are all ready before Shabbos begins. Their Shabbos begins with a serenity that is unique and special.

I know of a very, very special yid who lived in Toronto. He was very machshiv learning, Torah and Talmidei Chachomim. He was always busy in his shul making sure everything was in order. One of the special things that he did was to be completely ready for Shabbos by Friday chatzos. That meant that he was completely ready in his bigdei Shabbos by lunchtime on Friday. What a special zechus he had! How special it must be in the eyes of Hakadosh Baruch Hu that you are ready for Shabbos early and, not only ready, but go to shul to learn his precious Torah!

Boruch Hashem, hundreds and hundreds of hours of learning have been learned during the Likras Shabbos program. There are boys from all over the country: For example, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Maryland, Ohio, Illinois, Toronto as well as boys from as far away as Antwerp. There are also at least two shuls where boys gather to hear a Likras Shabbos shiur.

If you would like to share a story or comment about your son’s Likras Shabbos experience, please let me know.

If any father or rebbi is interested in starting a Likras Shabbos shiur in his shul, please let me know.

Rabbi Shlomo Pfeiffer

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