Welcome Rabbi Yehuda Hulkower

Camp Romimu is pleased to welcome Rabbi Yehuda Hulkower to our amazing staff administration. Rabbi Hulkower will be running Camp Rom V’Nisah – the most successful teenage program in the camping world. Rabbi Hulkower is multi-talented: An extremely popular rebbi, he is the Special Events and Trip Coordinator in his yeshiva and has served as youth director specializing in recreational programming.  Rabbi Hulkower has also served as a mashpia for bochrim in his yeshiva and shul.   He has many years of camping experience as a Rebbi and as a division head and he is a professional drummer. He will be working together with our veteran and super popular, Rabbi Moshe Brody.


Camp Rom V’Nisah (for boys coming out of 9th and 10th grades) is known to be the premier teenage camp. Its high-quality learning, innovative trips, warm ruach and relationships and exciting special events combine to create a summer bochrim reminisce about all year long. With Rabbi Hulkower at the helm, Camp Rom V’Nisah is poised to reach even greater heights.


We are very excited to have Rabbi Yehuda Hulkower as part of the Camp Romimu/Camp Rom V’Nisah family.

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