[email protected]: Class Ambassador

Bring Your Whole Class For a Chance to Win a Drone

  • Bring your whole class to [email protected] and the whole class will be in a raffle to win an amazing drone!
    • One boy per 10 can be missing per night (for example, in a class of 24 boys only 2 boys can be missing).
    • The class size must be at least 15 boys for the drone raffle. If there are fewer than 15 boys, there will be a raffle for a smaller prize.
  • The boy who fills out this form, the Class Ambassador, will get double points (for each day) he fills out this form. He should fill out ‘Class Ambassador’ in the first ‘Referred-a-Friend’ box.
  • The form should be filled after [email protected] is over - either that night or the next day.
  • To keep things simple, there can only be one Class Ambassador each day. If more than one boy is working on bringing the whole class onto [email protected], the class can have a different Class Ambassador each day.
  • The Class Ambassador can get double points for each new boy for up to three consecutive days (the new boys should add his name in the ‘Referred-a-Friend’ box).
    • The new boys should only fill out one name in the ‘Referred-a-Friend’ box, the Class Ambassador for that day.
  • The class deserves a big Yashir Koach. Please send an email to [email protected] at least 15 minutes before [email protected] begins, so that the class and its Ambassador can be acknowledeged.