Go Karts

Our go-kart activities were a huge success! Campers loved to race around our new track, making hair-pin turns and speeding through its twists and bends. The new barriers were a tremendous hit. The brand new karts, each emblazoned with ROMIMU on its front, were a wonderful sight as they lined the go kart track. This year, we are planning to … Read More

Gaga Update

Gaga anyone?!!! Gaga is the fast-paced high energy sport played in an octagonal pit. Campers and staff will have a blast in our new gaga pit, combining the skills of dodging, striking, running and jumping while trying to get their opponents out.

Zorb Ball Update

Zorb Ball is the exciting new sports activity where the camper becomes the ball! Football, soccer or simply rolling downhill take on a new dimension as the player is encased in a huge transparent ball. We have experienced Zorb Ball on our camp trips, now they are coming to camp!