Welcome Rabbi Avi Slansky!

Camp Romimu is excited to welcome the dynamic Rabbi Avi Slansky as Mashpia/Director of Camp Rom V’Nisah. Rabbi Slansky has been part of the Romimu family as a camper and staff member for many years. Most recently, he was the Mashpia of our 11th grade Adirim Program. He brought a tremendous level of excitement and geshmake to the ruach of … Read More

Welcome Rabbi Moshe Dov Heber!

Camp Romimu is pleased to welcome Rabbi Moshe Dov Heber to our amazing staff administration. Rabbi Heber will be running the Senior Bais Division – for boys coming out of sixth grade. Rabbi Heber is an extremely talented and dynamic rebbi in Yeshiva K’tana of Waterbury. He also runs a very popular community mishmar program for 6 – 8th grade … Read More

Connections Made

The boys went home from camp just over a week ago. I went back to camp yesterday from Far Rockaway and was walking around. What a difference in one week! Last week, the camp was humming with life. Boys were saying warm goodbyes to their rabbeim who they so connected with over the summer. Boys were playing in league championship … Read More

Adirim Program Welcomes Rabbi Avi Slansky!

Camp Romimu is excited to welcome the dynamic Rabbi Avi Slansky as the rebbi of our new ground-breaking 11th grade Adirim Program. Rabbi Slansky is quickly gaining fame as a well known mechanech, mechabir seforim and sought-after speaker. Rebbi in Mercaz HaTorah Gives a weekly shiur in The Mir, Aderes Hatorah and Derech Hachaim Mechabir of three seforim: Wine, Whisky … Read More

Video that was sent to Governor Cuomo

Check out our video that was sent to Governor Cuomo!

Camp Update

April 24, ’20 Dear Romimu Family, I hope all is well with you in these very troubling times. May Hakodesh Boruch in His infinite kindness lift this challenge from upon us and allow us to serve him as a united Klal Yisroel with increased fervor and achdus and may He bring the Geulah Shleimah. I love camp and look forward … Read More